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Buy Pig Poppers online today, super fast and descreet delivery direct to your door of this popular aroma.

Pig Room Aromas come in a large 25ml bottle for that extra bit of pork in your life.

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Pig Original with the distinctive black and yellow label, brand new to Top of the Poppers.

This large 25ml bottle of super strong Room Aromas is sure to make you squeal with delight.

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Our little bottle of Piggies is sure to make your tail curl and have you oinking all night long.


a young swine of either sex, especially a domestic hog, Sus scrofa, weighing less than 120 pounds (220 kg)


1175-1225; Middle English pigge young pig, with doubled consonant appropriate to terms for smaller animals (cf. dog, frog1) but with no obvious relations; almost certainly not akin to Low German, Dutch big(ge), Middle Dutch vigghe young pig, which involve further obscurities; if Danish pige, Swedish piga maid, young girl are compared, perhaps < ON word meaning “young, small,” applied in Scand to girls but in OE to swine


Additional information

Weight 0.064 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 cm



Isopropyl Nitrite


We ship all of our Pig Poppers in unmarked secure boxes and packets, with no external markings as to the contents.
Quick, secure and Fast shipping – Order up to 5.30pm week days and we will post your Pig Aromas direct to your door the sameday.


Pig is 100% UK Legal formula bottle consists of all recommended safety labels including hazardous warnings, braille and childproof cap.


Over 18's only, do NOT inhale direct from the bottle, do not ingest, Pig Poppers are poisonous, flammable and can cause severe burns to skin and eyes.

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  1. Dave N. (verified owner)

    Superb value

  2. Dave N. (verified owner)

    Good strong aroma,well recommended

  3. James (verified owner)

    Good stuff. Ordered one day, arrived at my door the next day. Very fast delivery.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Oink! Oink!

  5. Paul Beckett (verified owner)

  6. Antonio (verified owner)

    great communication from Anna

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