Original is the sister product of our Top Poppers, a bottom clenching large 25ml bottle of room aromas in stock and ready to ship direct to your door available form Top of the Poppers at a super low price.


Original is a large 25ml bottle of Poppers available to buy online direct at discount prices from Top of the Poppers, our cheap Original room aroma is one of the best value for money aroma you can buy online.

This strong and super fresh room aroma will get your bottom into action in no time.

Order Original Poppers online with super quick delivery time and guaranteed shipping of your order once payment received.

We accept Credit and Debit cards,  Bank Transfer, Bitcoin and PAYM payments for all your aromas at the best prices.


English original comes from Anglo-French and Middle French from Old French originel “innate, by birth, by nature.” (The 14th-century term original sin “the innate human tendency to evil” is a translation from the phrase in Old French.) The French forms come from the Latin adjective orīginālis “existing at or marking the beginning,” and in Late Latin meaning “primitive.”
Orīginālis is a derivative of the noun orīgō (inflectional stem orīgin- ) “beginning, first appearance, starting point.” Orīgō is a compound whose main element is the verb orīrī “(of the sun or moon) to rise, get out of bed, begin (an activity), sprout, spring up.” The present participle of orīrī is oriēns (inflectional stem orient- ) “the rising sun, daybreak, the east,” and is the ultimate source of English orient.
The earliest sense of original was “belonging or pertaining to the origin or beginning of something”; the meaning “new, inventive, novel” dates from the mid-18th century.


First recorded in 1300–50; Middle English, from Latin orīginālis (adjective) and Medieval Latin orīgināle “original document” (noun use of neuter adjective), equivalent to orīgin- “beginning, source” + -ālis adjective suffix;

Additional information

Weight 0.064 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 cm



Isopropyl Nitrite


We ship all of our Bottom Poppers in unmarked secure boxes and packets, with no external markings as to the contents.
Quick, secure and Fast shipping – Order up to 5.30pm week days and we will post your Bottom Aromas direct to your door the sameday.


Bottom is 100% UK Legal formula bottle consists of all recommended safety labels including hazardous warnings, braille and childproof cap.


Over 18's only, do NOT inhale direct from the bottle, do not ingest, Bottom Poppers are poisonous, flammable and can cause severe burns to skin and eyes.


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