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Buy King Poppers online, in its beautiful regal coat of purple and yellow and its massive 25ml contents of pure room aromas, King is certainly the top of the poppers, fresh, discounted aromas delivered direct to your door.


This is the King of the Poppers, almost as high up as the Top of the Poppers, a large 25ml bottle makes this a superb value for money purchase, King Poppers are manufactured in the UK.

We store our King Aromas in temperature controlled conditions so they reach you in perfect condition.

In its distinctive purple and yellow bottle, it not only looks good, it positively shines above the competition, a discount odouriser that will be a massive seller im sure due to its cheaqp price yet king size strength.


a male sovereign or monarch; a man who holds by life tenure, and usually by hereditary right, the chief authority over a country and people.


before 900; Middle English; Old English cyng, cyni(n)g; cognate with German König, Dutch koning, Old Norse konungr, Swedish konung, Danish konge.

Additional information

Weight 0.064 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 cm



Isopropyl Nitrite


We ship all of our King Poppers in unmarked secure boxes and packets, with no external markings as to the contents.
Quick, secure and Fast shipping – Order up to 5.30pm week days and we will post your King Aromas direct to your door the sameday.


King is 100% UK Legal formula bottle consists of all recommended safety labels including hazardous warnings, braille and childproof cap.


Over 18's only, do NOT inhale direct from the bottle, do not ingest, King Poppers are poisonous, flammable and can cause severe burns to skin and eyes.

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  1. Dave N. (verified owner)

    decent poppers

  2. mark f. (verified owner)

    great product

  3. Lee (verified owner)

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