New ID Silk from IDGlide lubricants is a super silky hybrid personal lubricant, perfect for masturbation, vaginal and anal sex as well as sensual massage and oral sex.

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ID Silk is a new hybrid version of personal lubricants, it combines the natural feel effect of a water based lube and combines it with the long lasting and silky smoothness of a silicone based lubricant.
The blended formula also contains hydrolysed silk which keeps the lube hydrated for long because it retains a huge amount of water, so it just keeps on going. The gorgeous consistency of this lubricant will excite lovers with the slightest touch.
It is a perfect for masturbation, fun with toys, both anal and vaginal sex, and even sensual massages. ID Silk is intensely moisturising and leaves the skin feeling soft after use. The formula is non-staining and water soluble, so will come out of sheets or clothing with a simply wash.
It is also latex compatible, so can be used with latex condoms and toys. This hybrid makes for a sensual and unique experience and is for people who want the best. A 65ml bottle that will fit in a bag and is great for taking away on holiday. Great for customers who want to try lube or are going away.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 cm

65ml (2.2 fl oz) personal Lube


Hybrid lubricant water based with silicone and silk


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