ID Millenium is a new super slick silicone base personal lubricant, perfect for both vaginal and anal sex, this ultra slippery lube last for ages and doesnt wear off underwater!!

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ID Millenium is an incredibly potent and powerful silicone formula. A few drops of this long lasting silicone lubricant will last for hours. The slip is so strong it will even stay slippery under water.
This incredible formula is also light and smooth, leaving no sticky residue and feels gentle and silky. Simply rubbing the lubricant between your fingers will show anyone what an excellent and fantastic feeling lube this is.
It is made with 100% pharmaceutical grade silicone, which gives it that sensational smoothness and feel. The molecules of the lube are too large to be absorbed by the skin so, unlike a water baed lube, it stays wet and slippery. ID Millennium’s versatility makes it a perfect lubricant for sex, masturbation, or even anal.
This durable formula can also be used for erotic massages. It’s clear and odourless, and also waterproof so it doesn’t lose lubrication under water. It’s also latex compatible, and so is safe to use with most condoms.

Additional information

Dimensions 14.5 × 5 × 5 cm

130ml personal lube


Pharmaceutical grade silicone


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