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Large 25ml bottle of strong Active poppers available with delivery to your door, activate your naughty side with this room aroma that is not only super fresh but also long lasting and effective.

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Activate your mind, body and soul with a bottle of Active Poppers, arriving to you in a large 25ml bottle, Active Room Aromas is an adult only product.

All our Active Poppers are the freshest you can get and we can ship them direct to your door from our UK warehouse partners.

Active odorisors contain a strong relaxing ingredient that develops when the aroma is released into the air, do not sniff direct from the bottle and NEVER drink poppers as they are highly poisonous.


engaged in action; characterized by energetic work, participation, etc.; busy:


1300-50; < Latin āctīvus (see act, -ive ); replacing Middle English actif < Middle French < Latin

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Weight 0.064 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 cm



Isopropyl Nitrite


We ship all of our Active Poppers in unmarked secure boxes and packets, with no external markings as to the contents.
Quick, secure and Fast shipping – Order up to 5.30pm week days and we will post your Active Aromas direct to your door the sameday.


Active is 100% UK Legal formula bottle consists of all recommended safety labels including hazardous warnings, braille and childproof cap.


Over 18's only, do NOT inhale direct from the bottle, do not ingest, Active Poppers are poisonous, flammable and can cause severe burns to skin and eyes.

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    Always like this one for abit of a wake up 😁

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