Top of the Poppers is an online store specialising in the retail sale of Room Odourisers often called Poppers.


Top of the Poppers is wholly owned by our sister company Storeship Limited


We take online security very seriously, our website uses 256bit SSL encryption to secure your personal details.


Top of the poppers only accept the following payment methods to purchase online, we currently accept credit or Debit cards on a temporary basis until we have established with our payment provider.


One of the worlds best investments over the past few years, the Bitcoin is a unique form of cryptocurrency, it enables you to pay for goods and services on and offline using your own supply of Bitcoin, it is 100% descreet and untraceable method of paying online, no one will ever know.

“Bitcoins are peer-to-peer, decentralized digital currency that enables instant payments from anyone to anyone, anywhere in the world”

You will need a virtual wallet to store your bitcoins in.

We use and highly recommend : BlockChain

You can view all transactions as well as buy bitcoin cryptocurrency direct from the BlockChain Wallet, it takes minutes to set up.

Other wallets and purchase options are available.

Cash On Collection

We can accept cash on collection direct from our warehouse partner in Derbyshire, order online or call us and pick up within 5 minutes.

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